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Week Five

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Week Four

Our first meeting was in a mocked up British town of some kind. Only four of the group were able to attend as two people were busy, it proved more difficult than I thought it would be to gather the six of us. Once we were together we began to brainstorm ideas. We talked a little bit about what sort of careers that we could look at or what sort of area or industry would be interesting to look into more. Construction was one option, and the idea of machinery that can lay bricks or 3D printed houses was considered. In the end an idea about shopping in the future was put forward which seemed to interest people more. Pascal shared a link to a video of VR shopping in China that he had seen. It was a concept where people could go to a virtual shop, walk around it and even try on clothes. It was an idea that I could see manifesting in the near future that could change the way that we shop. For many goods this would be inappropriate and even for clothes shopping, people like to touch and feel …

Week Three

In this class we were divided up into our groups. I was put in the red group with Olly, Ben, Peter, Cliona and Pascal. All these people are in my class which is very convenient. In the class we talked about teamwork and working with a group and it’s difficulties. Especially in the world of design, teamwork plays an important part in a professional setting. In other modules and in our core studio work we are often asked to work in teams in preparation for this and to help us become comfortable in team settings. I personally have struggled to work in groups before but have also had very successful experiences with it. It can often be hard if one team member is not pulling their weight, but even when both parties are dedicated, if there are contrasting creative ideas, or if people are just set in their ways and are not open to change, conflict can occur. The best way is to let everyone's ideas be heard and fleshed out and to always be willing to go with what is best for the group rat…

Week Two

The first person I started to talk to was in a town square type of place. I asked in the nearby chat if anyone wanted to talk to someone new to Second Life who was here for college and one person jumped on the opportunity. They were very nice and really interested to talk to me. I asked them a few questions and found out that they play under an hour a day but quite regularly and have been playing for over 8 years! They seemed to have a lot of friends in the game so I asked if they see people who end up spending too much time in the game and losing control. They said that they have seen it many times but it is usually people who don’t have a family, live in remote areas or have a disability. He described how a disabled person can fly in SL. I found this attitude to SL the same with the last people that I talked to, where it is seen as not just an escape from the real world, but a part of their real world. What dawned on me from this conversation was that today technology in computer ge…

Week One

The first place I visited when exploring second life was this beach. It was pretty crowded and had a lot of things to do on it. It seemed like there was some sort of event or meetup happening as there was a crowd gathered in one part. There was people lying on beach chairs, out in the water too. I got talking to the person on screen who told me about his SL experience. He's been playing for a while and said he "works" in the game as a real estate agent. I liked this beach and it was interesting that some people were actually interacting with it like they would a beach rather than just standing around. If their character is lying down than they cannot interact as much with the environment so essentially them lying on a beach chair is a hinderance, but they do it anyway for the sake of doing a more realistic and appropriate action for the space they are in.

This place I came across while flying around an area of islands. It seems to be an abandoned and destroyed set of buil…